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Homemade Poison Ivy Cure

Leaves of three, leave them be! That’s the old saying to help you identify Poison Ivy and stay away it. Well, even though I wasn’t searching for it, it found me! (Ugh!)

I don’t know about you but Poison Ivy is definitely not my friend. The last time I had it was when we were doing major yard work a few years ago. It spread so bad that I ended up having to go to the doctor to get rid of it. Once it finds its way into my blood stream it starts multiplying and popping up all over the place. Definitely not fun!

A few weeks ago I found myself with a spot of poison ivy. (I think I got it when I was mowing the grass because I’ve since learned where it is in our yard.) And, once again, it started multiplying. After a few days of itching (and not wanting to go to the doctor) I decided to try to find a homemade Poison Ivy cure. And whatdya know I found one on Pinterest that’s super simple and uses ingredients that most of us already have in our home!

This homemade poison ivy cure is made with three household ingredients. You'll get instant relief and your itching will stop!

Homemade Poison Ivy Cure

1 tbsp Rubbing Alcohol

1 tbsp Hydrocortisone Cream

1 tbsp Calamine Lotion

Mix ingredients together and apply to affected area. (I mixed mine together in a leftover lunchmeat container. It worked well because it had a lid too.)

I found that when I applied the cream with my fingers (instead of a tissue, etc) it worked a lot quicker!

This homemade poison ivy cure is made with three household ingredients. You'll get instant relief and your itching will stop!

And here’s the finished product. Once everything is mixed together it becomes nice and creamy.

This worked great and is so much better than having to go to the doctor and pay for medicine and a co-pay!

How do you cure Poison Ivy?

Thrifty T

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  1. CandyCandy07-03-2013

    So are you saying it worked or is the cure still a work in progress?

    • ThriftyTThriftyT07-03-2013

      Yes, it worked great and I’ll definitely use it if I get Poison Ivy again!

      • Lillian BerggrenLillian Berggren08-07-2013

        I’m so allergic to poison ivy that if someone just says poison ivy I’ll get it. I currently have it all over my hand which makes it very hard when you work in a daycare! I’d really like to try this remedy you got but I need to know if I have to cover it after applying to the rash, wash it off after applying, or do I apply and then just let it dry?

        • ThriftyTThriftyT08-08-2013

          I’m so sorry to hear that you are so allergic to poison ivy. It’s definitely not fun having it.
          I didn’t cover it after applying the mixture. I simply applied it and let it dry. Hope this helps.
          Thanks for stopping by!

  2. kellykelly10-14-2013

    Thankyou Lord for pintrest! I went to Walgreens bought all three products and mixed together..I too put it in a container with a lid and shook it..its watery at first then it gets creamy when you let it sit..INSTANT RELIEF..FEELS AWESOME

    • TshaninaTshanina10-14-2013

      Kelly, I’m so excited that you found this relief! Thanks for letting me know!

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